Monday, January 28, 2008


Did you know?
The Hawaiian Shark Tooth Dagger, or Ile O Mano was used for close range fighting. The butt of the handle was typically fashioned into a dagger with a lanyard attached to the base. The flat part of the blade is used as a shield, and the weapon is used like a club, with the added cutting ability of shark teeth. (check out for more detail information)

If possible, female shark teeth were used because they were hollow, and poison could be placed inside them for an added lethal touch to this devastating weapon. The action of the teeth also allow it to be used in a saw-like fashion to cut and tear flesh moving forward or backward.

Many types of Shark Tooth Clubs exist in the Lua. Most have a solid, straight frame with a circular or oblong head, others are open framed with a straight handle and still yet an open framed version with a curved handle similar to a large brass knuckle.

Shark Teeth were also attached to strangling cords. The cords are typically a five cord braid with the teeth set between the cords and embedded in bark cloth or fiber for stiffness.

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