Sunday, January 20, 2008

Carved Tiki Totem Poles - Hawaiian & Tiki Decor core competency resides in custom carvings, we work with some of the best Tiki carvers in the world. We specialize in "In Home Carving Services" where our master carver will simply execute any custom projects on site... From carving trees, furnitures, doors, gate...etc. In the past, we've had some of our carvers flown to the mainland to take on some custom Tiki projects.

Tradeshows! You want to differentiate yourself from the competition? Our carvers will put on a Live Carving Entertainment show that your customers will never forget!

We have been building Tiki bars for the last 20 years, from bar stools, chairs, tables, bars to murals...We've done it all! Our Polynesian master carvers will help you achieve your goal by realizing your plans. Custom projects can include: custom wooden surfboard, giant wooden slippers, Outrigger paddles, Hawaiian canoes and more...

For some of you who have visited the Hawaiian Islands, maybe there is something that you wanted to purchase that you could not find or you simply did not have the time. will strive to find it for you, please contact us or visit our online store!

Some of our services include:
- Chainsaw Live Entertainment
- Custom Tiki Bar
- Island Lifestyle Interior Deco
- On-Site Carvings...

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