Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tiki Means Tropical Decor! Does it also ignite Ralaxation & Island Lifestyle?

Anyone who wants to recreate this secrete hideaways can do it fairly easily with thatch, bamboo, Tikis and other tropical accessories.
But what does it really take to feel like you're spending a relaxing vacation in Hawaii, Fiji or Taihiti?
Of course a few Mai-Tai would do the trick or some Kava... With a cool set up, tikified room, bamboo and thatch covering the walls, Tiki mugs everywhere for your favorite cocktails. A cranked out heater during the cold winter...get your Aloha shirt out and get ready to truly enjoy your island lifestyle weekend.
After traveling to Fiji, I realized that it was not realistic to be as relax as the Fijian simply because we create too much stress around us. So maybe I thought if I start sleeping with a coconut under my head as a pillow I will really start to feel the island lifestyle.
Well, let me tell you that did not work too well! I prefer to focus on the Tiki decor accessories, my Aloha shirt, a few Mai-Tai and off you go!

For free consultation on turning one of your room into a tropical hideaways, please call Pohaku at 808-263-8454. A Hui Hou!

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