Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tiki Decor Goes Hand In Hand With Bamboo & Thatch!

Enhancing your home or business with Tiki accessories such as Tiki totems, Tiki masks, Tiki mugs, tropical signs...etc can always be improved with a tropical background. We found that bamboo and thatch can be very inexpensive to add that island touch.
While the Web can be overwhelming we narrow down the search to ( They carry the largest selection of bamboo poles (Moso and Tonkin), tropical matting (lauhala matting, Bac-Bac matting, Abaca matting, sea grass matting, lampac matting), thatch panels and covers (Asian and Latin thatch), bamboo fencing and more.
You will be amazed on how a back drop with lauhala matting and bamboo trim can bring a tropical feel to your home.
Top it with a outdoor Tiki statue and here you go...the Mai-Tai is ready to be served!
Did you know?
"Maita'i" is the Tahitian word for "good.

I'm Kawika with your Tiki blog "don't dring too much Mai Tai while building your Tiki Hut".

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