Friday, January 25, 2008

Hawaiian Tiki - Tikimaster Going International In Tahiti!

I was very surprised when I took my last trip to Papete that Hawaiian Tiki was a big deal! Who would I ever imagined that morning...I was sipping my coffee when I open the local newspaper and to my surprise was on top of the local news.
The Tiki culture in the US is growing drastically and I noticed that almost everyday a new Tiki Web site is popping right and left on Google. So what gives?
Well, it's pretty easy nowadays to build a Web site and you have companies such as who drop ship Tikis, Tiki masks, Tiki Totems, Tropical decor, Surf decor and Hawaiian decor products...straight from Hawaii! You don't have to hold any inventory! You make the sale, you profit, they ship. Jerome Coudrier, President of Kamakani Enterprises, Inc is leading the market since 2000 by being at the fore front of the Tiki market.
Let's not forget that was also picked up by local news in France, Germany, Japan and Australia in 2007 alone. So is the Tiki trend here to stay?
Well, I think it is more than a trend... it is a lifestyle, a way of thinking!

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