Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tiki - Three Majors Hawaiian Tiki God - Tiki Learning

Did you know? Eventhough there are so many different Tiki carving that in fact there is only 4 major Hawaiian Tiki God in the Hawaiian Mythology:
God Ku

Created by Na' wahine and Kane, and married to Hina. Ku and his manifestations, such as Ku-ka-ilimoku (Ku, the eater of islands -- the personal god of King Kamehameha,I) were brought to Hawaii by Pa'ao and when that happened, the original order was overthrown. When Ku became as the primary god of Hawaii (somewhere between 750, and 1250 A.D.), the balanced system where men and women were honored equally was overthrown. Today, Ku is the prevailing deity in the Heiau of Hawaii, and so women are not allowed on the platforms of the Heiau and are not allowed to make offerings. While we do not agree with the Kapu against women in today's current system, we respect the beliefs of the current Kapu system. The days of dishonor to women are over, however, and it is time to end that prohibition. Tiki Ku is Lord of the North� Most people just know him as the god of war,"... "but Ku is so much more complex. He is the god of fishing, who built the first fishpond in Hana. He is the god of husbandry and farming, represented by the 'o'o , the digging stick, which penetrates the earth and makes it fertile. He is the god of war and conflict, but also of resolution and healing."

God Lono
Is the son of Na' wahine and Kane, and married to Laka. Lono is the god of learning, and intellect, and as Lono-i- ka-makahiki, is the god of the freedom of the end of the year. Lono has a number of aspects, such as Lono-makua who starts fire with a staff called pahoa. (In ancient times, the women did not start fires, men did, so the men cooked.) Lono is lord of the east.

God Kane
Io sent Mana across the Po, and created Kane, Io's son -- one of the creators of life on this earth. Kane was created, then Na' wahine was created. Keawe, Kane, and Na' wahine dwell together in the house of the sun (Hale a ka La). Kane is the primordial lord of the sun, and also appears in many different aspects which are personifications of natural phenomena such as Kane-hekili, the god of the thunder, and in the Taro root which, like Kane is purple. Kane is represented by an uncarved upright stone, since mankind cannot put form to the formless one. Kane is lord of the west.

God Kanaloa
Son of Na' wahine and Kane, and married to Tapo. Kanaloa is the ruler of the oceans, and consequently the ruler of the Mana. Kanaloa channels or funnels the Mana that comes from Io to Kane to Kanaloa. Since Kanaloa is the ruler of Mana, he is also invoked in some cases to alleviate or disperse disease (see the chant Pule Hee). Kanaloa is Lord of the South. When the Christian Missionaries arrived, they decided that Kanaloa was the devil, cast out of heaven. We do not believe that this was originally the case, since the Christian church has had a history of branding local deities as the devil, as for example, the god Pan in western Europe.

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