Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Indoor Tiki Vs. Outdoor Tiki - What Wooden Tiki Is Best Suited?

For indoor application you can overlook what kind of wood your Tiki is made of so long you like the design and the details of the carvings. Here are 4 different types of wood for Tiki carvings:

1) Pine wood is the cheapest wood you can get, it won't last for ever outside. The wood is light hence it is very affordable to ship. The details into the wood can't be as deep as other type of outdoor wood. Because the pine is white, often the Tiki mask or Tiki totem will end up being painted on.

2) Palm wood is a great durable wood, yet still affodable in terms of pricing. It is very heavy and will increase your shipping cost quite quickly. It is not possible to give tiny details into the palm wood, but great for architectural design such as large Tiki totem poles.

3) Acacia Koa is by far the best wood for Tiki carving in terms of grain, quality, durability and the details that can be applied into it. Acacia Koa can be found in Hawaii and most tropical climate countries.

4) Iron wood is the ultimate wood for architectural and structural application. It is very difficult to carve and most of your tool will go to waste before you're done with your carving.

Here is a good description of different wood that we found on Tikimaster.com.
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Nick said...

Amazing! I had the chance and time to visit the www.tikimaster.com website and was shocked to see how much time I can spend on that online store. The website was built very user friendly which made shopping very simple.

After reading about this blog, I now understand what material of wood can handle my outdoor weather. I had made multiple purchases of tikis which was made out of Acacia Koa and I am completely satisfied on how well the wood absorbs rain and sun and still look GREAT!

Enjoyed the blogs and I will bookmark this blog-site for future reference.