Monday, January 7, 2008

Hawaiian Art - Mix Art with Prestigious Hawaiian Koa Wood "The Ultimate Koa Source"
Have you ever seen from up close the beauty of Hawaiian Koa wood? A picture speaks a thousand words...well here it is! Koa is measures by the 3-D effect that your eyes can see inside the grain of the wood. The more curls and depth, the more expensive the wood is. Koa is used to make art pieces from Hawaiian Koa weapons, Hawaiian Koa paddles to Koa boxes, furnitures, canoes and more.

The attached picture features a traditional Lei O Mano with Tiger shark teeth that was used in Hawaiian battles. A large selection of Koa art is available at

Did you know? The curls from the Koa wood are considered as stretch marks created from the wind. The higher the tree grows in the mountain, the more "stretch marks" the wind will create by the movement of the tree. Koa trees in the valley tend to be more simple as far as the grain goes.

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Nick said... is a wonderful website to browse and shop. I am a big fan of Hawaiian weapons equipped with sharks teeth. It is not easy and simple to find Hawaiian weapons made out of Koa now days but this website has it all.

Koa weapons are great for hanging on a wall.

will check back soon.