Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tiki Carving - Hawaiian Hand Carved Relief In The Making By Tikimaster

While Tiki carving is a lot of fun; I have to admit that carving large relief is really rewarding. You can really express yourself through that chisel and basically tell stories... According to Kealoha, the best wood that you can use is Acacia Koa (also known in Hawaii as Monkey Pod). The grain is very close to the Hawaiian Koa and it allows for deep and detail carvings.

Known fact: "Wood is perfect for troubled youth to work with," says Master Carver Kealoha. "Wood absorbs negative energy, and when something beautiful is made from it, the spirit of the wood emerges."

It takes about 4 weeks to complete a Hawaiian storyboard from scratch. I was very delighted to see 4 amazing work of art displayed at the newly opened restaurant "The Holokai Grill" in Waikiki (Beach Walk - corner of Kalakawa and Lewers).

For more information contact Pohaku at 808-263-8454.

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