Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tiki Blog - First Tiki Sketch Of A Humanize Tiki Totem

We have a fairly large company (unfortunately we cannot name it at this time) who asked us to incorporate the 2 owners/partners of the company into a Tiki totem by respecting the characteristics of each person.
1) First, the challenge is that both are female and most Tikis are male. So first we have to adjust the way the Tiki face is going to look like to appease the look and feel of the Tiki. Yet, someone who knows the two partners should be able to tell who it is. Basically, we sketched out the "50,000 foot view" of what direction we are going and get approval from our customer.

2) Second, we use clay to fashion the true look of each person but yet keeping the Tiki look...this is really an art form of sculpture. Unfortunately, this phase took us at least 20 takes before we could reach the desired result.
3) Finally, we executed the mold into the final production with first the chainsaw for the main lines of the Tiki totem and of course the chisels for the detail carvings.

For more information, please call Gina at 808-263-8454
A Hui Hou,

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