Friday, January 11, 2008

Tiki - Maori Tiki Carving By Tikimaster - Tiki Decor

What do you know about Maori Tattoo?
Among the Maori, tattooing is a very meaningful, common, and sacred form of art. The Maori believe that Mataora was responsible for bringing Moko (tattooing) to the world as a symbol of love and commitment for his wife, Niwareka. By enduring the tremendous pain of the tattoo, Mataora proved to his father-in-law, Uetonga, that he was worthy of continuing his relationship with Niwareka. As a result of this experience, Mataora also learned the art of applying the Moko.

What about Maori Tikis? Well, often Maori Tikis can be distinguished by their tongue sticking out. This often used in Polynesia to scare off your opponent. Many Tiki carvings now integrate the Maori design.

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