Monday, January 7, 2008

Tiki - Largest Supplier Of Tikis In Hawaii: Tiki Totem, Tikis & Tiki Masks

On your next trip to Hawaii...make sure to stop by! They carry the largest inventory of Tikis I have ever seen. I traveled to Hawaii for many years and thought that the International Market Place was IT! Boy was I wrong! Only 20 min away from Honolulu, (Kamakani Enterprises, Inc) has over 15,000 sq/ft of hand carved products from Tikis, Tiki masks, Hawaiian canoes to surf decor (including surf signs, hand carved surf boards), traditional Hawaiian weapons made of Koa and shark teeth. is working directly with local carvers but also from Polynesia (Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti and more). Even though it looks like a warehouse from the outside, you will feel like stepping into a museum. I was also very impressed with their state of the art shipping facility, it's not just any local company! also has a branch on the West Coast where they ship their bigger products such as Tiki bar, bamboo poles, thatch and thatch covers, tropical matting and island tropical decor accessories.
Kamaili/Blog reporter

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