Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Vintage Hawaiiana Signs

Vintage Hawaiiana signs are the latest and hottest design element to hit the retail market. They bring a touch of the past into any space with vivid colors on rich, carved, solid wood.

These wall hangings look great in any room, but we suggest trying them in a surf themed room (see "How to Surfer-ize any room blog below), in a game room, or scattered around your porch walls to enhance your tiki bar!

Experience the old way of travel with the vintage Maston Lines sign. Or relive old Hawaii with the Hula Hotel sign, the Pineapple Company sign, or the Waikiki Surf Riders sign. An incredible selection of these signs can be viewed and purchased at Tikimaster.com.

Other signs and wall hangings that can adorn your home are: tiki bar signs, aloha and welcome signs, surfer girl and surfer boy signs, gone surfing, Kailua beach, and many many more. The best selection of all of these signs and many more can seen at Tikimaster.com. Photos Courteous of Tikimaster.com

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