Saturday, February 9, 2008

Get Barrelled with the Gerry Lopez Story Board is proud to showcase the ultimate story board, "Gerry Lopez in da barrell!"

Gerry Lopez not only made Pipeline the world’s most important wave, he made the tube the ultimate prize in surfing. He ripped the waves on the North Shore of Oahu, and cruised in the tube (the inner round tube part of a wave), making himself one of the coolest surfers Hawaii has ever seen!

Lopez was born in Honolulu, the son of a newsman for the city’s Bulletin and Advertiser. When Lopez got serious about surfing in high school, his hero was Paul Strauch -- his style and grace would be Lopez’s reference point. At Ala Moana in the mid-’60s, Lopez witnessed his first tube rides, and the wave became his training ground.

During the epic winter of 1969-’70, Lopez set the standard for riding the tube at the world’s most dangerous break. Suddenly, nothing else mattered in surfing. The barrel was now hallowed ground, and the barrel at Pipe was Shangri La.

This gorgeous story board is carved by hand from very solid acacia wood. Notice the fine details and the authentic tikis that boarder the awesome, barrelled, Gerry Lopez.

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