Sunday, February 3, 2008

How to "Surfer-ize" any Room in your home!

Surf your way through winter with a room dedicated to the iconic designs of the surfer lifestyle. Surf decor doesn't just have to be in Hawaii or in the summer can inspire warmth in your home all year long.

Whether it be
surfing signs, surf inspired lamps, or tropical prints, and can decorate any room of your house. Tikis, tiki masks, tiki totems and beach decor can enhance a tropical surfer themed space in any home, no matter if it's in Maui or Montana!!

The first element of design that you will need to address is color. Choose either a soft organic color for your walls (like a light blue, soft sage green, or a light creamy yellow) to inspire tranquility or something bright and blingy (electric blue, grass green, or even orange) to show how bold you are. Next, choose a flooring that will fit your purpose. A carpet or rug in a light shade of tan could represent the sand at the beach. Or try a large lauhala mat (can be purchased at woven from palm fronds. Deep, rich, dark hardwood floors also work nicely to give contrast and a tropical feel. If floors aren't in your budget, simply use a surf themed rug! To add an even cooler touch, try using bamboo along one wall or use thatch as window coverings.

Once you have the basic color palate chosen and flooring elements are decided upon, it's time to choose your accent colors and bedding. Check out for some really classic looking fabrics.

Now comes the fun part! Go to or to find all of your surf decor accessories to finish the look of the room! Start with larger pieces like tiki masks and tiki totems. Then work in rugs, tiki signs, surf signs, tropical prints, hula lamps and if you really want your room to have the surfer feel, go for a tiki bar!

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