Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Coastal Decor at Tikimaster.com

Have you ever flipped though the pages of Coastal Living Magazine and wished you could create a room from one of the pages? Well, Tikimaster.com can help you and for a fraction of the cost.

Some shoppers think that tikimaster.com only carries tikis and Hawaiiana, but we have much more. Although tikis, tiki masks, and tiki totems are tikimaster.com's primary inventory, we also have coastal decor, beach decor, and even pirate decor. What better way is there to create a new look in your home today.

One easy way to achieve a coastal look in your home is to pick a light color for your walls. Antique whites are very popular as well as pale blues, yellows and greens. When looking at furniture pick pieces that are made of wicker or fabrics that are organic in nature with leaves, flowers, branches etc. The final step is to add elements that remind you of the coast.

At Tikimaster.com we have everything coastal from boat steering wheels to shells. Also, check out, Coastaldecoration.com, one of our affiliate websites.

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