Monday, February 25, 2008 Carves for Quicksilver House carved it up at the Quicksilver Pro. Surfers' House in the north shore of Oahu! was contracted to carve tiki faces into two palm trees which are about 10-feet tall. The property is one of four houses used by QuickSilver to house professional surfers during the winter time competitions.

The initial phase consisted of using the chainsaw to make the major cuts, then hand tools followed to make the fine details of the tiki face come alive. We decided on one specific tree close
to the home's lanai where we carved a tiki face on each side so that it could be seen not only from the house but also from the driveway! After the carvings were finished, we installed spotlights to create even more ambiance.

The second tree was topped off about 3 years ago, unlike the first tree which was topped off about 6 month ago. This tree was very dry and hard, hence the use of the chainsaw and no hand tools at all. Once the bark of the coconut tree was removed, we started by cutting the outer lines of the tiki totem. The lower face was fairly easy, the higher one was a little more challenging because of the precarious positions that we had to be on the ladder! The challenge of course was to be able to carve on the ladder while manipulating the chainsaw! Upon, completion we decided to add Pele's hair to the two tiki totems to give them hair! It really finished off their faces perfectly!

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eclecticdawn said...

The tiki turned out really cool! Although I've been a painter for many years, I've just recently gotten into carving tiki (my painting studio is totally "tiki-fied"). My question is: what did you use for the hair on the tiki? It really adds to his personality! :)

Tikimaster said...

Hi Dawn,
It's called Pele's hair here in Hawaii. It's a plant with no roots, it just looks like curly hair basically and you spray it with water to keep it alive.
I hope this helps!