Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tikimaster's Top 10 Reasons to own a TIKI!

David Letterman has inspired to take a poll of it's most faithful customers on why everyone should own a tiki! Here's what we found in our oh so official survey!

Top 10 Reasons to own a Tiki (of course it has to be from if you want the best!)

Reason #10: Once you buy a tiki or other tiki item from you are signed up to be in the tiki club which sends you VIP e-mails about hot deals on all of our websites! (,,, &

Reason #9: When you look at your tiki, you'll remember the great time you had in Hawaii!

Reason #8: You'll have a unique piece of Hawaiiana that is timeless.

Reason #7: A tiki will tell your loved one how much you care for them without having to say a word!

Reason #6: You can pretend like you are one of the vices from Hawaii 5-0!

Reason #5: Your tiki will give you such good luck that it'll raise your chances of winning the lottery by 50%!

Reason #4: Your tiki will help melt the snow and ice and make you feel warm in the awful cold winter.

Reason #3: You'll have better luck than Bobby Brady from the Brady Bunch!

Reason #2: Everyone will just think you are sooooo DAMN COOL!

.....and the #1 Reason to own a tiki from It'll make your "tiki" BIGGER!

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