Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fijian And Samoan Fighting Clubs - Another Tiki Decor Accessories?

One might wonder if the Fijian and Samoan fighting clubs are used for tropical decor or Tiki decor...
The answer is "YES". While they were used in bloody situation, today the fighting clubs are seen as art pieces that you hang on the wall or even to accessories your Tiki bar.
Some of the most popular Fijian and Samoan fighting clubs are called: Fish hook, Nifo Oti (dancing knife), Neck Braker, Throwing clubs and much more. Use like an axe to crack skull and break bones. Targets the head, arms and legs. Can make a clean break of the bones without much bleeding.

The Samoan clubs are easy to recognized, they are usually black with detailed carving on both side of the club. The wood used is iron wood also known as Vesi wood. Fijian and Samoan would leave the wood underground for x amount of time to give the back natural color.
The Fijian clubs are very well executed with inlays; you can discover their work through ( who has an extensive collection of them in addition to the Hawaiian weapons made of shark teeth and Koa wood.
For more information on Polynesian weapons, visit
Kealoha - "Your Polynesian Fighting Club Expert"

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