Thursday, February 28, 2008

Modern Pop-Art Tikis have arrived!

Usually, people view tikis and tiki masks as traditional art from the Hawaiian Islands, but decided to take tiki art one step further. We think our new line of pop-art tikis is soooo groovy!

So why buy a pop-art tiki rather than a tradional tiki? Well, there's one simple answer COLOR! The pop-art tiki line is carved carefully by hand, like traditional tikis, but you will notice that the lines of the carving are very simple and after the carving is completed vivid colors are carefully placed on each tiki, tiki mask, or tiki signs to make the piece of art really POP!

Give your tiki themed room or tiki bar the COLOR POP that it needs to bring you into spring!

Visit to view and purchase all of our new pop-art tikis!

Chao Baby!

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