Saturday, February 2, 2008

LONO - The Tiki God of Fertility

Lono was the Hawaiian God of fertility. It is believed that he bestowed offspring to mankind and who was said to come down in rain to make crops grow.

In Hawaii , the clouds and the phenomena of storms are associated with Lono. When the statement, "with head hidden in the dark clouds above" is recited, it is usually referring to Lono.

During prayer to Lono, signs of the god are named thunder, lightening, earthquake, the dark cloud, the rainbow, rain, wind, whirlwinds that sweep the earth, waterspouts, the clustering clouds of heaven, and gushing springs on the mountains. Lono brings on the rains and dispenses fertility.
Your bodies, O Lono, are in the heavens,
A long cloud, a short cloud,
A watchful cloud,
An overlooking cloud; in the heavens (it is),
From Uliuli, from Melemele,
From Polapola, from Ha‘eha‘e,
From Omao-ke-ulu-lu,
From the land that gave birth to Lono.
Behold Lono places the stars
That sail resplendent through the heavens.
High resplendent is the great image of Lono;
The stem of Lono links our dynasties with Kahiki, Has lifted them up,
Purified them in the ether of Lono. . . . "

Lono is also know as the god of harvest. Lono-makua (Father Lono), is the name given to portray the god during the Pre-Contact time. Lono's role has generally confined to the celebration of games.

This beautiful tiki is a favorite of tiki collectors. Many keep this idol on their desk or beside their bed to help fill their homes and lives with great fertility.

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