Sunday, March 2, 2008

Vintage Hawaiiana Bamboo Frames At!

This has been the hottest collection at! A bamboo framed artwork, hand painted, depicting the most popular era of Hawaii and Polynesia. Each piece is unique, hand painted with great attention to details.
While the them may vary from Harley Davidson to Hula dancers, it always revolves around Hawaii. At a retail price of about $69, you can own a piece of Hawaii and bring a cool tropical feel to any rooms. Perfect for your kids room but also living area or covered patios.
What makes these pieces really unique is that unlike paintings the inside and painted on of course but it also features key elements in 3-D bringing life to the painting.
The summer 2008 is coming visit today to preview the many designs available.

For more information, contact customer support at 808-781-3126.
Aloha from your friendly Ilse!

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