Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tikis: Madam Pele, Queen of Fire Tiki - Tiki Decor's newest and coolest tiki is on fire!! This Madam Pele tiki will bring warmth to your home and is a great gift. Here's a little information about the Queen of Fire Tiki; Madam Pele.

She was the daughter of the Earth Goddess Haumea and dwells in the Kilauea volcano. This wild and fiery goddess is widely venerated in Hawaii and other parts of Polynesia. When eruptions threaten towns it is thought that Pele is angry. Her volcanoes are both destroyers and creators of the earth, since her flowing lava makes new land. Pele's husband, the Pig God Kamapua'a, is the inventor of agriculture. Notice the spouting "lava crest" of her comb headdress. Tikimaster's version of Madam Pele was adapted from the 19th century carved wood image, which resides in the Museum of Man, in Paris, France.

Madam Pele grants good luck if you respect her wishes which is to respect the land. It is believed that if you take a piece of lava rock from one of the Hawaiian volcanoes, Pele will put a curse on you until you return the lava.

If you feel like you've been cursed by Madam Pele, we at will give you 10% off of this beautiful tiki to wish you good luck!!
Also check out this incredible story board which depicts the Hawaiian myth of Madam Pele!

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