Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tiki Culture - Modern Tikis Vs. Traditional Tikis? Has The Answer!

Modern Tikis: Have you figured out where you fit yet? This Tiki Blog will be mainly to go over the modern Tikis and tomorrow we will focus more on traditional Tikis of Hawaii.
Now that the Tiki trend is coming back greatly, we are seeing more and more modern Tikis.

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Art and religion, past and present combine in the Polynesian figure of the Tiki.

It is a stone or wood carving in simplified human shape, sometimes small enough to be worn as an ornament, sometimes so large, they could tower over a human.

Believed to have originated in the Marquesas Islands and spreading throughout Polynesia, the typical tiki is a powerful figure with hands clasped over its stomach, a large flat nose, round eyes, and a large, gaping mouth, usually bearing teeth.

By Polynesians, Tiki is said to be the ancestor and creator of humans or, if you will, First Man. Contemporary tiki has evolved and left its religious history behind, and today leans more toward artistic impression. The artist or carver renders his or her own impression of tiki into wood, metal, stone, canvas, or whatever medium they care to use, and we, happy tiki folk, can’t get enough.

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