Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Please Remove Your Shoes - Aloha Signs & Surf Decor

Removing your shoes before entering someone's home or your own home is a tradition that is not only part of the Japanese culture, but also a custom for those of us who live in Hawaii. Because Hawaii's culture is so closely tied to that of the Japanese, you will find that Hawaii respects many of Japan's customs. No matter where you live, you may want to adapt your home to this custom, and Tikimaster.com is here to help with wood and ceramic tiles that will let your guests know to remove their shoes.

It is the custom in every Japanese household to take one's shoes off when entering the house. It is generally considered polite to wear shoes instead of sandals, but sandal wearers may carry a pair of white socks to put over their bare feet or stockings, so that their bare feet will not touch the slippers that the host offers. The shoes are turned around so that the toe faces the door after taking them off. If during the winter time, a guest is wearing a coat or hat, the guest will take it off before the host opens the door. When the guest is leaving, he or she does not put on the coat or hat until the door has closed.

Removing one's shoes is not only a Japanese custom, but it is also a great way to keep your home clean and free of germs. Families with small children who play on the ground or crawl will especially be interested in adopting the removing of shoes custom.

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Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Removing shoes in homes is an excellent custom. I wish more people in Britain would adopt it.

I dedicated an whole blog to this subject:

Shoes Off at the Door, Please