Friday, March 7, 2008

Tikis, tikis, and ......MORE TIKIS!

Did you know that has the largest selection of tikis on the web??? We have the most diverse selection of tikis, tiki masks, tiki totems, and tiki living accessories! If you love tikis, is the website to browse.

All of our tikis are hand carved with great attention to detail. There isn't one tiki that is exactly like the next. Although a tiki may resemble a tiki god, each one will be unique because it is hand carved and not made from a mold. Most of our tikis are carved in Hawaii. We have a tiki that can fit anyone's needs! has traditional tikis replicated from the originals at The Bishop Museum. These tikis are made of the finest monkey pod wood and are definitely collectors items. They range in price from $79 - $790 with every price point in between. also has a huge selection of tiki totems. Tiki totems differ from traditional tikis in that they are usually carved faces on the naturally round cuts of wood from trees. They range in price from $19.90 - $780. Tiki totems look great in a yard or on a deck with lighting on them at night. They can also be built in to support beams of a house.

Check out our next tiki blog that will focus on TIKI MASKS!

As always, check out for all of your tiki needs!

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