Monday, March 10, 2008

Tiki Masks *** Tiki Decors Finest Accessory***

Tiki masks are all the rage at when it comes to tiki decor!! Spice up an tiki themed room with a unique, hand carved tiki mask!

The newest trend in decorating with tiki masks, is adding lighting. The lighting can be behind the tiki masks to make the tiki's eyes and mouth glow. Or try adding track lighting above the tiki mask for a dramatic affect. You can also put sconce lighting on each side of the tiki mask to make it look brighter. Try placing two tiki masks on either side of a door for a tiki welcoming. It is said on the Hawaiian Islands that tikis are protectors; so this design element will also keep you safe!

Tiki masks range in price from $9.90 for a small 8 inch tiki mask - $290 for a 2.5 foot tiki mask!

However you choose to use your tiki mask, you won't go wrong with a tiki mask from

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