Thursday, March 27, 2008

Set Sail for - Hawaiian Sailing Canoes & Tikis not only specializes in tikis and tiki everything, but we also have a huge selection of sailing canoes, and sailing canoe themed gift items. Our canoe items have a Hawaiiana theme to them, which makes them very unique compared to canoes you might normally think of.

Here is a very popular and traditional single hull sailing canoe from Hawaii. This art piece was handcrafted with great attention to details and is made from solid acacia koa wood. Sailing canoes were once the transportation for the ancient Hawaiians, and currently the canoes are being used to continue to educate the youth of Hawaii about the Hawaiian culture. There are even teams that race single hull sailing canoes. This canoe can be purchased at for only $99.

To the right is a hand carved wooden relief depicting a Hawaiian scene with Hawaiian canoe, a whale surging out of the water and powerful symbolisms all around it. The details are absolutely vibrant! The relief measures 36 inches by 12 inches by 1 inch thick. This story board is hand carved and would be a beautiful art piece in any tiki themed room. Visit to purchase this woodedn relief for only $129. Also check out our huge selection of hand carved Hawaiian story boards. We even have story boards that feature tikis!

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