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Custom Tiki Project - Northshore Oahu By

Our master carver Kealoah from was hired to hand carved a few trees at the QuikSilver get away on the NorthShore of Oahu. Each piece was hand carved! Custom Tiki carving is available depending on our carvers availability and location. core competency resides in custom carvings, we work with some of the best Tiki carvers in the world. We specialize in "In Home Carving Services" where our master carver will simply execute any custom projects on site... From carving trees, furnitures, doors, gate...etc. In the past, we've had some of our carvers flown to the mainland to take on some custom Tiki projects.
Tradeshows! You want to differentiate yourself from the competition? Our carvers will put on a Live Carving Entertainment show that your customers will never forget! Some of our signature projects include the Holokai grill, Waikiki and The Shack, Waikiki.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hawaiian Tiki Gifts With Aloha!

The most popular Hawaiian gifts are tikis, tiki bars, Hawaiian tropical decor, and Hawaiian dashboard dolls. The tikis, tiki bar, the tropical décor and the dashboard doll pieces or materials are especially hand-crafted by highly trained and experienced craftsmen. The carved tikis include tiki masks of various types such as Hawaiian tiki masks, Fijian tiki masks, painted tiki masks, and bamboo tiki masks. The other unique carved tikis in Hawaiian gifts are tiki bars, tiki totems, primitive tikis, modern tikis, and tiki wall plaques.

The special Hawaiian tropical décor gift items lay emphasis on outdoor accent. They consist of items like outdoor tikis, tiki signs, ornamentally carved outdoor lanterns, architectural pots, bamboo poles, fencing, and accessories, thatches and thatch covers, tropical furniture, tropical matting, and outdoor tiki bar items. The tropical décor items also include painted reliefs, vintage frames, printed and poster gift pieces such as Hawaiian flora, hula dance, mermaids, floral images, aloha tropical signs, nautical signs, palm girls, sunset travel, romantic moonlight, and ukulele, apart from photographic tropical décor memorabilia like nostalgic photography and surfing photography.
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Aloha Bobble Heads of Obama Boggle Political Pundits


March 29, 2010

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Dayna Even
808-754-3046 cell

Bobble Heads Boggle Pundits

(Honolulu, Hawaii)… The only thing that seems to be bipartisan these days is the interest in President Barack Obama Aloha Bobble Heads. According to the folks at, a Hawaii owned-and-operated virtual retail and wholesale supplier of all things Hawaiian, everyone seems to want an Aloha Obama Bobble Head, causing political pundits to scratch their heads in amazement.
Whether visitors are from red states or blue, the Aloha Obama Bobble Heads are getting positive feedback as the only Hawaiian gift that causes even the most cynical to smile. Local residents, too, are proudly displaying Hawaiian-born President Obama’s Aloha Bobble Heads and Obama Aloha Dashboard dolls, promoting local pride and ownership of the nation’s 44th President.
Unlike some of our recent tax issues, the novelty dolls are easy on the wallet, selling for just $16.90 for a six-inch, handcrafted Island-inspired design of President Obama. The appeal seems to be that these are Hawaii versions of Obama Bobble Heads and were created as a collector’s item and conversation piece – a tribute to Obama and his Hawaii birthplace.
In addition to the Aloha Obama Bobble Head, a selection of Obama dashboard figurines is catching the eye of Dems and their Republican counterparts as well. Obama Going Surfing, with Obama carrying a surfboard and giving a “shaka” sign, retails for $10.90 at six inches or $7.90 at four inches. The ukulele playing Obama Dashboard Doll is $9.90 for the six-inch version or $7.90 for the four-inch mini-version.
Hawaii’s visitors and residents alike are making their way to the warehouse in Kailua, Oahu (not far from where President Obama last vacationed with his family) to scoop up this latest rage although shoppers should call first to make sure the warehouse is open. Also, folks from Maine to California and from Alaska to Florida don’t have to wait for a Hawaii vacation to get a presidential bobble head. Stay-cationers can still get a piece of paradise by ordering online at, a division of Kamakani Enterprises, Inc., is the online source for Hawaiiana and Tiki products, including custom carvings, masks, and indoor and outdoor Tiki and tropical accessories. Established in 2000, has been recognized by Retail Merchants of Hawaii as the 2008 “E-Commerce Retail Business of the Year.” For more information, visit:

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Hawaiian Gift Ideas By

The habit of giving gifts, new and novel gift items, and gift ideas had proliferated and become global after the arrival of Internet marketing. However, gift materials and gift ideas of certain regions had been in the forefront due to their special nature of universal appeal and ingenious craftsmanship. Hawaiian gift ideas and gift items are among the most sought after products in any part of the world. Before taking a look at the gift ideas of Hawaii, it would be better if we understand the basic culture of Hawaii, where gift is an inseparable part of the lives of the people of this group of islands. The tradition of Hawaiian gifts had come from the Polynesian heritage of Hawaii and is blended with their culture.

When somebody is invited to a party in another person’s house, it is customary for Hawaiians to carry a food item like a dessert as a small gift to the party. The food offering in the party itself is part of the gift-giving culture. This had led to the donation of leftovers of party food items to homeless people. Similarly, whenever an individual of Hawaii returns from a trip, it is customary to bring back at least one or two gifts to family members and close friends and relatives. Such gifts are addressed by the Japanese word, ‘omiyage’, the Hawaiian term, ‘makana’, or the Samoan name, ‘oso’. At the same time, local Hawaiians will take local gifts or food items to friends and relatives in the places that they visit, when they travel out of Hawaii.

Another Hawaiian custom is to respond either with a gift or money when somebody offers a gift or does a service to you. Even if that person does not accept the money offered by you, you must at least make the offer. Hence, the practice of giving and accepting gifts is ingrained in the Hawaiian culture. At, we have made it our policy to help people follow this endearing tradition of offering Hawaiian gifts by providing them with the maximum variety of gift items and gift ideas. initially conducted a detailed research in Hawaii on the various gift items and gift ideas that were available. A simple fact emerged that each supplier of gift products were offering only a limited number of items. Hence, a conscious decision was taken at that the maximum variety of gift products and gift ideas should be presented to the local people, as well as visitors from outside. In short, we concluded that must be a one-stop solution for all Hawaiian gift specialties. Hence, we first created several categories of gift ideas. These categories are

· Special Hawaii Hot Deals

· Carved Tikis

· Outdoor Accents

· Tiki Signs

· Prints and Posters

· Polynesian Art

· Luau Party Supplies

· Aloha Living

· Tiki Living

· Apparel

· Hawaiian Jewelry

· Wedding Collection

· Silk Leis

· Bath and Body

· Beach Décor

· Christmas Mania

· Coastal Décor

· Surf Jewelry

· Island Gourmet

· Nautical Décor

· Books and Videos

· Skull and Bones Décor

· Tiki Mugs

· Toys and Plush

If you think that this is quite a long list in Hawaiian gifts, let us take a look at the various gift articles and ideas furnished under each category.

Special Hawaii hot deals include keychains, Hawaii magnets, pens, shot glasses, luggage tags, etc. Tikis are Hawaiian wood carvings. Carved tikis are tiki totems, tiki masks, bamboo tiki masks, Fijian tiki masks, Hawaiian tiki masks, painted tiki masks, tiki wall plaques, modern tikis, primitive tikis, bishop museum tikis, and painted tiki totems. Outdoor accents are architectural tiki mask, outdoor tikis, lanterns, tiki signs, architectural pots, bamboo fencing, bamboo poles, bamboo accessories, thatch, thatch covers, outdoor tiki bars, tropical furniture, and tropical matting.

Tiki signs are aloha tropical, bamboo, drift, nautical, nostalgia, painted reliefs, surf, tiki bar, and vintage frames. Prints and posters are Aloha-Hawaii, floral images, fly to Hawaii, Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian flora, hula dance, island aviations, mermaids, surfing photography, nostalgic photography, outrigger canoe, palm girls, romantic moonlight, sunset travel, surfing in paradise, tiki prints, ukulele, vintage California, and vintage European.

Polynesian art gift ideas are tiki prints, Pacific carvings, Koa paddles, Hawaiian weapons, carved wood bowls, Polynesian clubs, Tapa paintings, ceramics, Hawaiian storyboards, sea life carvings, voyaging canoe, and Kim Taylor Reece collections. Luau party supplies are Island party ware, hula skirts, and ukulele’s. Aloha living gift items comprise of vintage Hula lamps, Aloha collection, glassware and tabletop, Aloha home, Aloha rug and carpet, Aloha stationery, photo memories and keepsakes, Aloha fun gifts, novelty and fun gifts, wall hangers, Hawaiian ukulele, bags and cosmetics, canvas baskets, magnets, seashell collection, and stationery.

Tiki living gift products are tiki lamps, tiki home, kitchen and bathroom, tiki gifts, and tiki photo memories and keepsakes. Hawaiian jewelry include Koa and pearls jewelry, Koa and Puka shell jewelry, Koa bangles, Koa bracelets, Koa earrings, Koa hair accessories, Koa Necklaces, Koa pendants, and Koa rings. Silk leis comprise of Ali ‘i Nani leis, ankle and wristbands, cluster leis, hair accessories, headbands, headbands, Hula and party supplies, Island leis, Keiki leis, Kukui and candle nut leis, Lihilihi leis, Poepoe leis, promo leis, regular leis, and silk with Kukui nut leis.

The above gift ideas are only examples of the sheer variety offered by Details of the various exclusive gift products under other categories can be provided on specific request. The thrust in all our gift items and gift ideas lies in the quality of the products, the craftsmanship, and special designs that are unmatched by other providers of gift items.

If you are visiting Hawaii, then we have more than one gift item that you will be compelled to take back when you return home. In fact, you will be at a loss to decide what to buy and what not to buy, since all our gift ideas are equally appealing and exceptional in thought and design. The icing on the cake is that nearly all our gift ideas and products are priced most competitively to suit all types of budgets and purses. You will enjoy shopping with us throughout your stay in Hawaii and go back fully contented that you had bought the most special and unique gift items that Hawaii can offer.

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Copyright © 2010. All images and information contained in this site are copyrighted and may not be distributed, modified or reproduced in whole or in part without the prior consent of Kamakani Enterprises, Inc.

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Please join today affiliate program! We pay a 15% commission on per sale amount. Our average sale is $127.00 between 2008 and 2009. We also support Two Tier Percentage & Two Tier Bounty. About Your "One-Stop-Tiki Shop" for Tiki Products,Tiki Bar, koa and Island Lifestyle Decor! As one of Hawaii's finest manufacturer and online gift catalog companies, we offer a large selection of products such as: Tikis, Tiki masks, Tiki Bar, nautical decor, Polynesian and Hawaiian art, tropical decor, surf decor products, skull and bones accessories, pirate wall decor, island lifestyle products and more... We have Tiki carvers throughout Hawaii and the different areas of the Pacific who carve tiki statues and Tiki gods, tiki totems and masks, fabricate koa canoe paddles and make other Hawaiian crafts. Our tiki sculptures are all quality woodcarvings, each piece is hand carved and hand rubbed to give a beautiful finish. All finishing and quality control is done in Kailua, Hawaii. has teamed up with ShareASale to offer a simple affiliate signup process, so that you can begin earning commission payments from your website as soon as possible.

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Nautical Decor For Your Beach House, Cottage or House By Tikimaster

Your "one-stop-nautical-shop" for nautical Decor accessories: nautical signs, nautical accessories, nautical and maritime flags, beach house, beach signs, lighthouse, surf and nautical lifestyle Decor! "Where People & Nautical Living Meet". Welcome to our official Web site of, your one-stop-nautical-shop for maritime decor, nautical decor and coastal decor. We carry a wide variety of nautical accessories that will enhance your decorating projects. From nautical/beach signs, lighthouses, nautical wall hangers, home decor accessories with ship wheels, life saving buoy and lake decor to pastel colors coastal accessories...we thrive to bring you the best quality product at the best possible price.

Our nautical accessories have a nice vintage and weathered look! Each piece has been hand carved and hand painted. Our most popular line is the nautical flags which can be used to display kids name, last name, company names and more.

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Largest Selection Of Koa Paddles In the States By

These classic Hawaiian solid koa wood canoe paddles are hand crafted in Kailua by our master carver. Each luxury home or office display paddle is approximately 60 inches (160 cm) long. The blade is about 1ft wide. In the picture, premium Koa also referred to as curly Koa is the most sought after, but we also make paddles with bird eye maple, walnut, purple heart and more (lighter or darker koa creates the same rich effect). Others have maple wood incorpated in either straight or fan-shaped strips.

Yet others are modeled after Tahitian racing paddles. Then there's the Hawaiian Warrior Paddle, used by ancient warriors as weapon. These attractive canoe paddles convey a message of leadersip, determination, and direction to any office, study, or living room.
As a single paddle or as a set, these paddles are very reasonably priced. All Koa paddles on our Web site are in stock and ready to ship via UPS 2-Day service. If you can't find what you are looking for, please call us as we have more in stock. We take one picture per paddle, so what you see is what you get. We guarantee it!

Thursday, February 4, 2010 Driving Direction - Kailua, Oahu - Hawaii

Visit to Kamakani Enterprises, Inc, a division of is by appointment only - Please follow this link:

Shipping A Giant Tiki By

Alright, so now the large Tiki is carved and you are getting ready to ship it to your customer. What is the best way to get it to its final destination in one piece?
As mentioned in our previous blog, the use of a forklift is a must since the Tiki could weigh as much as 800 lbs. Set up a custom pallet so that the tiki can rest flat on it without sticking out at all; that will prevent the shipper from damaging it when loading and unloading. In order to increase the stability of the Tiki, nail some 1" X 1" next to the head, butt and base.

Secure the Tiki with straps, 3 or 4 should do the trick. You can either stop right there and the Tiki is ready to go if the carrier will let you ship a parcel that is not stackable. In some cases, you may need to create a complete casing and build it strong enough to support other parcels on top of it.

Looking for large Tiki for your backyard? Look no further! At, we carry the largest selection of hand carved Tikis 8 feet and up. From Bishop Museum replicas to Polynesian Cultural Center Tikis, we guarantee to make your neighbor sick when you unveil your Tiki at your next SuperBowl luau party!

For more information, please contact via email or visit us online at!

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Giant Tiki: How To Move A Large Tiki By

The largest Tiki that we carved so far is about 10 feet with a diameter of about 3.5 feet. The picture showns was carved from a 200 year old airpod tree from the Waikiki zoo. The Tiki is now overseeing the Northshore of Maui. The challenge like every large pieces is to move them before, during and especially after they have been carved. The forklift is the best way to go with large straps secured around the butt and the neck which will balance out the statue perfectly.

Large Tiki Carvings for Your Customers! not only has a huge selection of tiki masks, but we also have an enormous array of tiki statues and tiki totems; all of which will make you and your clients dream of Polynesia! We carry tikis that are as small as four inches tall to tikis that are 12 feet tall and everything in between. Our large tiki carvings are made in a variety of woods including palm, monkey pod, resin, and acacia. All of our tikis are known to bring good luck or other desirable qualities like wealth, prosperity and health. Don’t see the deity that you’re looking for? Call 877-677-4440 and we’ll help you find the perfect tiki for you!

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Polynesian & Hawaiian Weapons By!

Polynesian Carving:
Polynesian carvings are a new trendy way to decorate, tropical style, in any room or your home or even at your office or retail store. Tiki masks, tiki totems, tiki sculptures, and even framed tikis are among the wide variety of Polynesian carvings that Try using one of our unique carved Polynesian pieces instead of standard wall art to spice up the look of your desired room. Blending real or artificial plants with Polynesian carvings creates a very organic contrast and brings a room to a whole new level of tropical. has the largest selection of Polynesian tiki carvings on the web. We have a variety of sizes and price points to fulfill everyone’s needs. Polynesian carvings galore at!

Floor-Standing Polynesian Carvings
No wall space for Polynesian carvings?? Why not try one of our free standing Polynesian carvings?’s Polynesian carvings consist of statues, totems; even our masks that have bases can be freestanding. Many of our floor standing Polynesian carvings are meant for protection of home or office.

Are Polynesian carvings not exactly what you are looking for? Well, check out for an array of other tropical art ranging from paintings to pottery and everything in between.

Sunday, January 31, 2010 Deep Discounts On Wood Carvings!

Looking for affordable wood carvings? Don't go any further! was launched with price conscious customers. After many reviews from multiple home decor Web sites, we landed on that offers a wide range of home decor products from tropical tikis, Hawaiian decor, koa paddles, Tiki bar, nautical and beach decor, pirate and crossbones accessories, surf signs, decorative wooden bowls and more!

Some of the deals offered at Tropical Tikis360 include a set of 3 masks for $39.90 or a set of 3 hand carved tiki statues for $49.00.

As one of Hawaii's finest manufacturer and online gift catalog companies, the company is able to offer a large selection of products such as: Tikis, Tiki masks, Tiki Bar, koa paddles, polynesian art, tropical decor, surf decor products, skull and bones accessories, pirate wall decor, island lifestyle products and more...

For more information, you can contact them via email or simply visit them at

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Buddha Outdoor Accents: Not Always Just About Tikis By!

While Tikis are a great way to add a piece of tropical accent to your backyard, Buddhas can also bring this Zen feeling into your surrounding. Not everyone feels that they should have a Tiki or a buddha in their home because of their religious belief believe it or not! People have come to us and told us there is only one God... Well, OK! Put that asides, you can turn your outdoor garden area into the ultimate gathering area. Sculptures made of wood or stone from Tikis, Buddhas to water features make great conversation pieces. You can visit us at or to learn more on how to turn your garden into a staycation.

Aloha from the islands!

The Tikimaster Team.

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Architectural Pots: Carved Out Palm Pots - "Make A Statement By!"

Our selection of architectural wooden pots are carved out from a palm tree. The grain of the palm has a beautiful finish, the sizes of our pots range from 30" to 70". They look great in pair if set up in an entry way or simply by itself with artifact coming out of it. These architectural wooden pots made of palm will be sure to make a statement at your next gathering. Each wooden pot was carved out, varnished and hand rubbed to give an exquisite finish. Only at
Made from palm wood which is hollowed out, sanded down and hand varnished to make a great statement either indoor or outdoor. Available in many sizes.
For more information, contact us or visit us at!

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Outdoor coconut Tikis: How To Give A Beautiful Finish by Tikimaster?

Tikis made of coconut or palm wood are usually the best economic way to enhance your pool or outdoor area. Usually they are fairly affordable for about $200 for a 40", $300 for a 60" and $450 for a 70". While the grain of the coconut can be a little "boring" compare to Acacia Koa, Monkey Pod or other tropical wood, there are ways to enlight the finish of a coconut Tiki.

We recommend to use Thompson water sealant for outdoor use to give a natural finish which will protect the Tiki carving against the element.

If you wish to give a stain to your Tiki sculpture then a Polyehturene from Min-Wax works great! The beauty is that you can choose from many available different finish (from light brown to mahogany).

Another option is to burn with a torch the outer carvings of the Tiki which will bring some accents to it. Again upon completion apply a clear finish to protect the Tiki.

At last, if you wish to get your paint brushes out... a painted coconut can be a lot of fun and become a conversation piece at your next barbecue party.

For more information on how to finish your Tiki, please contact Tikimaster or visit

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Carved Tiki Surfboard 6 FT - Made In Hawaii Signature Carver

One of a kind hand carved Tiki surfboard by master carver Pulele in the Waiaenae Valley on the West side of Oahu. The surfboard is one inch thick and measures about 6 feet. The wood used is acacia Koa, great piece of island art. Your "One-Stop-Tiki Shop" for Tiki Products, Tiki Bar, koa and Island Lifestyle Decor! As one of Hawaii's finest manufacturer and online gift catalog companies, we offer a large selection of products such as: Tikis, Tiki masks, Tiki Bar, koa paddles, polynesian art, tropical decor, surf decor products, island lifestyle products and more...

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Hawaiian Silk Leis - Bring Hawaii To Your Door Steps By Tikimaster

History of the Hawaiian Lei: It is widely believed, the first Polynesian settlers to the Hawaiian islands arrived during the 12th century. Amongst the necessary and favorite possessions brought, was the art and traditions of the lei. The early leis of Hawaii were actually Polynesian, resembling those found in other parts of Polynesia. These early leis help to explain the story of man' existence in time and space.
Early uses of the leis included: farmers giving a blessing of the gods upon fields and crops, ornaments for dancers, healing priests using leis for healing rites, and for sacred Hawaiian rituals. In addition, leis were symbols of chiefly rank and love and lovemaking. Gods and goddesses favored them and poets sang their praises.
The craft of lei making was further advanced by modern Hawaiians, who had the luxury of an inflow of numerous varieties of flowers. Among the many plants and flowers introduced during the 19th century by travelers and immigrants were carnations, gardenias, jasmine, marigolds, pansies, plumeria, roses and violets. As a result, the original Hawaiian lei was redesigned and restructured.oday in Hawaii, leis are presented around the head and shoulders of a special person. Presenting a lei signifies admiration, respect and honor towards the individual. Leis are also given during special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, weddings and all memorable moments in someone's life.

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New Crossbones Collection 2009 By Tikimaster

Your "one-stop-skull-and-bones-shop" for cross bones decor accessories: skull and cross bones signs, skull and cross bones accessories, skull and cross bones sticks and oars, cross bones hanging masks, and more "Where People & Cross Bones Meet". Welcome to our official Web site of, your one-stop-skull-and-bones-shop for the enthusiast of cross bones, skull and bones accessories, pirate signs, and much more.