Monday, March 29, 2010

Aloha Bobble Heads of Obama Boggle Political Pundits


March 29, 2010

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Bobble Heads Boggle Pundits

(Honolulu, Hawaii)… The only thing that seems to be bipartisan these days is the interest in President Barack Obama Aloha Bobble Heads. According to the folks at, a Hawaii owned-and-operated virtual retail and wholesale supplier of all things Hawaiian, everyone seems to want an Aloha Obama Bobble Head, causing political pundits to scratch their heads in amazement.
Whether visitors are from red states or blue, the Aloha Obama Bobble Heads are getting positive feedback as the only Hawaiian gift that causes even the most cynical to smile. Local residents, too, are proudly displaying Hawaiian-born President Obama’s Aloha Bobble Heads and Obama Aloha Dashboard dolls, promoting local pride and ownership of the nation’s 44th President.
Unlike some of our recent tax issues, the novelty dolls are easy on the wallet, selling for just $16.90 for a six-inch, handcrafted Island-inspired design of President Obama. The appeal seems to be that these are Hawaii versions of Obama Bobble Heads and were created as a collector’s item and conversation piece – a tribute to Obama and his Hawaii birthplace.
In addition to the Aloha Obama Bobble Head, a selection of Obama dashboard figurines is catching the eye of Dems and their Republican counterparts as well. Obama Going Surfing, with Obama carrying a surfboard and giving a “shaka” sign, retails for $10.90 at six inches or $7.90 at four inches. The ukulele playing Obama Dashboard Doll is $9.90 for the six-inch version or $7.90 for the four-inch mini-version.
Hawaii’s visitors and residents alike are making their way to the warehouse in Kailua, Oahu (not far from where President Obama last vacationed with his family) to scoop up this latest rage although shoppers should call first to make sure the warehouse is open. Also, folks from Maine to California and from Alaska to Florida don’t have to wait for a Hawaii vacation to get a presidential bobble head. Stay-cationers can still get a piece of paradise by ordering online at, a division of Kamakani Enterprises, Inc., is the online source for Hawaiiana and Tiki products, including custom carvings, masks, and indoor and outdoor Tiki and tropical accessories. Established in 2000, has been recognized by Retail Merchants of Hawaii as the 2008 “E-Commerce Retail Business of the Year.” For more information, visit:

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