Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Outdoor coconut Tikis: How To Give A Beautiful Finish by Tikimaster?

Tikis made of coconut or palm wood are usually the best economic way to enhance your pool or outdoor area. Usually they are fairly affordable for about $200 for a 40", $300 for a 60" and $450 for a 70". While the grain of the coconut can be a little "boring" compare to Acacia Koa, Monkey Pod or other tropical wood, there are ways to enlight the finish of a coconut Tiki.

We recommend to use Thompson water sealant for outdoor use to give a natural finish which will protect the Tiki carving against the element.

If you wish to give a stain to your Tiki sculpture then a Polyehturene from Min-Wax works great! The beauty is that you can choose from many available different finish (from light brown to mahogany).

Another option is to burn with a torch the outer carvings of the Tiki which will bring some accents to it. Again upon completion apply a clear finish to protect the Tiki.

At last, if you wish to get your paint brushes out... a painted coconut can be a lot of fun and become a conversation piece at your next barbecue party.

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