Monday, February 1, 2010

Polynesian & Hawaiian Weapons By!

Polynesian Carving:
Polynesian carvings are a new trendy way to decorate, tropical style, in any room or your home or even at your office or retail store. Tiki masks, tiki totems, tiki sculptures, and even framed tikis are among the wide variety of Polynesian carvings that Try using one of our unique carved Polynesian pieces instead of standard wall art to spice up the look of your desired room. Blending real or artificial plants with Polynesian carvings creates a very organic contrast and brings a room to a whole new level of tropical. has the largest selection of Polynesian tiki carvings on the web. We have a variety of sizes and price points to fulfill everyone’s needs. Polynesian carvings galore at!

Floor-Standing Polynesian Carvings
No wall space for Polynesian carvings?? Why not try one of our free standing Polynesian carvings?’s Polynesian carvings consist of statues, totems; even our masks that have bases can be freestanding. Many of our floor standing Polynesian carvings are meant for protection of home or office.

Are Polynesian carvings not exactly what you are looking for? Well, check out for an array of other tropical art ranging from paintings to pottery and everything in between.

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