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The habit of giving gifts, new and novel gift items, and gift ideas had proliferated and become global after the arrival of Internet marketing. However, gift materials and gift ideas of certain regions had been in the forefront due to their special nature of universal appeal and ingenious craftsmanship. Hawaiian gift ideas and gift items are among the most sought after products in any part of the world. Before taking a look at the gift ideas of Hawaii, it would be better if we understand the basic culture of Hawaii, where gift is an inseparable part of the lives of the people of this group of islands. The tradition of Hawaiian gifts had come from the Polynesian heritage of Hawaii and is blended with their culture.

When somebody is invited to a party in another person’s house, it is customary for Hawaiians to carry a food item like a dessert as a small gift to the party. The food offering in the party itself is part of the gift-giving culture. This had led to the donation of leftovers of party food items to homeless people. Similarly, whenever an individual of Hawaii returns from a trip, it is customary to bring back at least one or two gifts to family members and close friends and relatives. Such gifts are addressed by the Japanese word, ‘omiyage’, the Hawaiian term, ‘makana’, or the Samoan name, ‘oso’. At the same time, local Hawaiians will take local gifts or food items to friends and relatives in the places that they visit, when they travel out of Hawaii.

Another Hawaiian custom is to respond either with a gift or money when somebody offers a gift or does a service to you. Even if that person does not accept the money offered by you, you must at least make the offer. Hence, the practice of giving and accepting gifts is ingrained in the Hawaiian culture. At, we have made it our policy to help people follow this endearing tradition of offering Hawaiian gifts by providing them with the maximum variety of gift items and gift ideas. initially conducted a detailed research in Hawaii on the various gift items and gift ideas that were available. A simple fact emerged that each supplier of gift products were offering only a limited number of items. Hence, a conscious decision was taken at that the maximum variety of gift products and gift ideas should be presented to the local people, as well as visitors from outside. In short, we concluded that must be a one-stop solution for all Hawaiian gift specialties. Hence, we first created several categories of gift ideas. These categories are

· Special Hawaii Hot Deals

· Carved Tikis

· Outdoor Accents

· Tiki Signs

· Prints and Posters

· Polynesian Art

· Luau Party Supplies

· Aloha Living

· Tiki Living

· Apparel

· Hawaiian Jewelry

· Wedding Collection

· Silk Leis

· Bath and Body

· Beach Décor

· Christmas Mania

· Coastal Décor

· Surf Jewelry

· Island Gourmet

· Nautical Décor

· Books and Videos

· Skull and Bones Décor

· Tiki Mugs

· Toys and Plush

If you think that this is quite a long list in Hawaiian gifts, let us take a look at the various gift articles and ideas furnished under each category.

Special Hawaii hot deals include keychains, Hawaii magnets, pens, shot glasses, luggage tags, etc. Tikis are Hawaiian wood carvings. Carved tikis are tiki totems, tiki masks, bamboo tiki masks, Fijian tiki masks, Hawaiian tiki masks, painted tiki masks, tiki wall plaques, modern tikis, primitive tikis, bishop museum tikis, and painted tiki totems. Outdoor accents are architectural tiki mask, outdoor tikis, lanterns, tiki signs, architectural pots, bamboo fencing, bamboo poles, bamboo accessories, thatch, thatch covers, outdoor tiki bars, tropical furniture, and tropical matting.

Tiki signs are aloha tropical, bamboo, drift, nautical, nostalgia, painted reliefs, surf, tiki bar, and vintage frames. Prints and posters are Aloha-Hawaii, floral images, fly to Hawaii, Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian flora, hula dance, island aviations, mermaids, surfing photography, nostalgic photography, outrigger canoe, palm girls, romantic moonlight, sunset travel, surfing in paradise, tiki prints, ukulele, vintage California, and vintage European.

Polynesian art gift ideas are tiki prints, Pacific carvings, Koa paddles, Hawaiian weapons, carved wood bowls, Polynesian clubs, Tapa paintings, ceramics, Hawaiian storyboards, sea life carvings, voyaging canoe, and Kim Taylor Reece collections. Luau party supplies are Island party ware, hula skirts, and ukulele’s. Aloha living gift items comprise of vintage Hula lamps, Aloha collection, glassware and tabletop, Aloha home, Aloha rug and carpet, Aloha stationery, photo memories and keepsakes, Aloha fun gifts, novelty and fun gifts, wall hangers, Hawaiian ukulele, bags and cosmetics, canvas baskets, magnets, seashell collection, and stationery.

Tiki living gift products are tiki lamps, tiki home, kitchen and bathroom, tiki gifts, and tiki photo memories and keepsakes. Hawaiian jewelry include Koa and pearls jewelry, Koa and Puka shell jewelry, Koa bangles, Koa bracelets, Koa earrings, Koa hair accessories, Koa Necklaces, Koa pendants, and Koa rings. Silk leis comprise of Ali ‘i Nani leis, ankle and wristbands, cluster leis, hair accessories, headbands, headbands, Hula and party supplies, Island leis, Keiki leis, Kukui and candle nut leis, Lihilihi leis, Poepoe leis, promo leis, regular leis, and silk with Kukui nut leis.

The above gift ideas are only examples of the sheer variety offered by Details of the various exclusive gift products under other categories can be provided on specific request. The thrust in all our gift items and gift ideas lies in the quality of the products, the craftsmanship, and special designs that are unmatched by other providers of gift items.

If you are visiting Hawaii, then we have more than one gift item that you will be compelled to take back when you return home. In fact, you will be at a loss to decide what to buy and what not to buy, since all our gift ideas are equally appealing and exceptional in thought and design. The icing on the cake is that nearly all our gift ideas and products are priced most competitively to suit all types of budgets and purses. You will enjoy shopping with us throughout your stay in Hawaii and go back fully contented that you had bought the most special and unique gift items that Hawaii can offer.

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