Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hawaiian Tiki Gifts With Aloha!

The most popular Hawaiian gifts are tikis, tiki bars, Hawaiian tropical decor, and Hawaiian dashboard dolls. The tikis, tiki bar, the tropical décor and the dashboard doll pieces or materials are especially hand-crafted by highly trained and experienced craftsmen. The carved tikis include tiki masks of various types such as Hawaiian tiki masks, Fijian tiki masks, painted tiki masks, and bamboo tiki masks. The other unique carved tikis in Hawaiian gifts are tiki bars, tiki totems, primitive tikis, modern tikis, and tiki wall plaques.

The special Hawaiian tropical décor gift items lay emphasis on outdoor accent. They consist of items like outdoor tikis, tiki signs, ornamentally carved outdoor lanterns, architectural pots, bamboo poles, fencing, and accessories, thatches and thatch covers, tropical furniture, tropical matting, and outdoor tiki bar items. The tropical décor items also include painted reliefs, vintage frames, printed and poster gift pieces such as Hawaiian flora, hula dance, mermaids, floral images, aloha tropical signs, nautical signs, palm girls, sunset travel, romantic moonlight, and ukulele, apart from photographic tropical décor memorabilia like nostalgic photography and surfing photography.
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