Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Giant Tiki: How To Move A Large Tiki By Tikimaster.com?

The largest Tiki that we carved so far is about 10 feet with a diameter of about 3.5 feet. The picture showns was carved from a 200 year old airpod tree from the Waikiki zoo. The Tiki is now overseeing the Northshore of Maui. The challenge like every large pieces is to move them before, during and especially after they have been carved. The forklift is the best way to go with large straps secured around the butt and the neck which will balance out the statue perfectly.

Large Tiki Carvings for Your Customers! TikiMaster.com not only has a huge selection of tiki masks, but we also have an enormous array of tiki statues and tiki totems; all of which will make you and your clients dream of Polynesia! We carry tikis that are as small as four inches tall to tikis that are 12 feet tall and everything in between. Our large tiki carvings are made in a variety of woods including palm, monkey pod, resin, and acacia. All of our tikis are known to bring good luck or other desirable qualities like wealth, prosperity and health. Don’t see the deity that you’re looking for? Call 877-677-4440 and we’ll help you find the perfect tiki for you!

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