Monday, August 25, 2008

Wooden Beach Signs - Hand Carved Beach Decor - Life Is A Beach By Tikimaster!

We found recently that beach signs are quite wide spread across the U.S. During our last holiday in Hawaii, we discovered that Tikis is not the only hot decor item on the islands of Hawaii. Beach decor is actually the most common type of decor, same for California, Florida, New Jersey, Virginia, all the way to New England.

Beach decor is enhanced by wooden beach signs, weathered coastal or nautical signs...each are hand carved and hand painted with great attention to details.

Most colors used for the beach decor is more soft, almost pastel type of colors. We found that and have the best selection of beach signs. And if you are not so much into beach decor then both Web sites also carries lake decor signs, nautical decor signs, coastal decor signs and surf decor signs.

The interesting thing is that each decor theme overlaps each other in some form or fashion.

For more information check out htt:// or for a comprehensive list of custom/hand made beach signs decor!

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