Friday, August 22, 2008

New TIKI BAR For Your Backyard Or Covered Lanai - Tiki Decor

Tiki bars: The ultimate focal point of any tropical decor setting for a home or business is the Tiki Bar with cool Tiki accessories. Have your friend gather around this authentic Tiki Bar for refreshments and fun conversation with a unique conversation piece. Complete with two built-in functional shelves beneath the bar table, and one hanging glass holder suspended from the roof, this Tiki bar is ready to host Luaus and other social events. Take shelter from the hot sun underneath the natural straw roof, designed to give your home or business a truly authentic tropical appeal. Included are three ergonomic bamboo bar stools that provide surprising support. Functional foot rests on bar front provide comfort for guests. A convenient bamboo cup holder rack hangs from the roof, allowing you to serve up plentiful beverages for guests.

This bar is also perfect for indoor decor. Versatility and design make this tiki bar perfect for homeowners and businesses looking to build a bar inside. This bar offers thousands in cost savings compared to custom built bar structures. This Tiki bar is made of natural bamboo, displaying an attractive rich tropical honey color. The bar's crucial support beams are made of heavy gauge bamboo for stability and strength. Quality craftsmanship and intelligent design makes this Tiki bar sturdy, durable, and able to withstand weather elements. Our bamboo has been carefully selected, kiln dried, stained, and sealed to ensure years of enjoyment.
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GulfGirl said...

Nice stuff...great for a tropical feel anywhere in the country. I put together some places to buy tropical bed linens and such and will be sure to add you too. Tropical bedding and stuff
Thanks, Lundy