Monday, September 8, 2008


For the first time we were lucky enough to meet the "Tiki" team from Hawaii. The ASR tradeshow was taking place at the convention center in San Diego for 3 days from September 4-6. While the larger companies were around, we noticed a decline in smaller companies. But Hawaii was represented really well with Mauna Kai Hawaii (Surf jewelry and accessories) and Kamakani Enterprises, Inc also known as (Specialized in Tiki decor, surf decor, coastal and nautical decor, Hawaiian decor, pirate and skull & bones decor).

Based on various feedback the show was not as busy as the previous years for the mere reason that the economic landscape is affecting the attendence. Jerome Coudrier from Kamakani Enterprises, Inc was very please with their first show and explain that some key contacts have been made.

Stand up paddle board keeps growing and we noticed that more and more manfacturer were jumping on the band wagon. We expect the next show to be greater also being that the elections are only less than 2 month away, we are all in a wait and see frame of mind., a division of Kamakani Enterprises, Inc is spreading its wing in the mainland by attending multiple tradeshows. President Jerome Coudrier is going to reallocate some marketing budget for 2009. We guarantee to tikify the next few shows and we are looking forward to feature our new product lines: beach decor, pirate decor and the newly developped skull and bones decor.

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