Thursday, August 21, 2008

Featured Tiki Carver: Kealoha From Waianae, Hawaii - Tiki Decor is going to feature one of its carvers on a weekly basis or on a monthly basis depending on the on-going projects.
We currently have our master carver specialized in Tikis who will demonstrate how to carve a Tiki, actually your first Tiki. Also what it takes to carve a 10-foot Tiki.

We just brought on board Keoni who is focusing on endangered species like dolphins, seals, nenes (Hawaiian bird) and much more.

And finally the third phase will be to feature our carver specialized in signs from Tiki signs to nautical signs, coastal signs, pirate signs, skull and bones signs.

If you are too a carver or a master carver, please email us your bio with signature projects and we will give you a spot on our featured carver series and have a chance to enter our carver finale. "How Big Is Your Tiki?"

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Dermot said...

Hello everyone, I just got finished doing the Hukilau, I brought this tiki with me that was signed Phil Hooton, Kohola, 1966. Cool Tiki just wondering if anybody knew Phil back in the day. It was a great show and we are looking forward to doing it next year. From Surf music to Hawaiian fashion through the decades. Here is a couple of pictures of the Tiki Well you all take care now