Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fijian Tiki Masks By - Fijian Art Carving

We've all seen most likely a Tiki mask while traveling in Hawaii or simply on your computer while surfing the Web. Tiki masks are a great way to add a tropical feel to your home; originated from Hawaii the designs actually have changed over the years through different cultures. For instance a Tongan or Samoan carver will have a different interpretation than a carver from Hawaii; hence the final Tiki carving will be slightly different.

We actually found a couple of great Web sites with the most comprehensive selection of Tiki masks on the Web. From Hawaiian Tiki masks, to Fijian Tiki masks or even tribal Tiki and carry the largest selection of Tiki carvings.

Fijian masks are usually carved out of iron wood also known as Vesi wood. The wood is kept under ground for a few month to give it a natural black color, that's how the carvings will come out after completion. The earthy red color masks have a red dirt stain added to them.

Fijian Tiki masks are very easily identifiable because often they will feature hand carved turtles, geckos, or ceremonial dancing knife also known as Nifo Oti.

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I live in Oceanside, CA and would like to find someone to carve our old palm tree trunks into something. Need your suggestions. They are about six feet high.
or phone 760-801-3698