Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beach Decor At - Rustic Beach Signs

Beach decor at its finest: As one of Hawaii's finest manufacturer and online gift catalog companies, offer a large selection of products such as: Beach Signs, Beach decor Accessories, Wooden Surf Signs, Cottage Wooden Panels, Cottage Decor, Oars and Paddles Beach Style, Beach House Signs, Beach Decor Products.

My wife and I were actually surprised to see such a diversify collection of beach home decor products in Hawaii. While Hawaii is mostly known for his Tikis, we found that beach decor is not only within the continental US. Each piece was designed, hand carved and hand painted with great attention to details.

The great thing with beach decor is that it encompasses the Tiki lifestyle, beach style of course but also cottage decor, coastal and somewhat nautical. The colors used for beach decor are more neutral, you may say pastel colors but we like foremost the weathered look of them.
This is were exceeded our expectation with a great selection of vintage and weathered looking signs which happens to be brand new.

We received a warm welcome (Aloha) from the owners where we were able to visit their facility, we now officially have a room in our California house that is strictly decorated with beach signs and beach accessories.

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