Monday, April 21, 2008

TikiMaster Provides Tiki Props for "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" has officially hit the big screen! Several months ago we were approached to provide tikis and other tropical decor for the new hit movie, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"! Here are a few pics to show you a bit of what we gave, but you'll have to see the movie to get a view of all of the tikis! provided several hot hand carved tikis, tiki masks, a bamboo tiki bar and kukui nut leis! In the top center photo, you can see the tiki in the rear and to the right of Sarah Marshall. In the photo just to the right you can see our tropical kukui nut lei. The tiny photo at the bottom shows one of our cool tiki bars!

To get your own hand carved tikis and lots and lots of tropical decor, including unique bamboo tiki bars, be sure to visit!

NOTE: A special thanks - Photos courtesy Universal Studios!

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