Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Konichiwa!! From TikiMaster.com...Tikis in Japan!

TikiMaster.com not only sells everything tiki on the web, but we also wholesale to companies. Sometimes these companies, which are located all over the world, choose to sell our tiki products, and sometimes they decorate their stores with them. Which is what Murasaki Sports in Japan chose to do! TikiMaster.com has great pieces of tiki art to use to decorate any store!

Murasaki Sports superstore is conveniently located in the OPA shopping mall in Nishi-shinsaibashi. If you are looking for snowboards, surfboards, skateboards--any kind of sport board for that matter--then chances are you can find what you need here. Besides these basic items, the shelves are of course stocked with all the necessary accessories. You will also find lots of Tikimaster.com specialty items, like large tiki totem, tiki statues and tiki masks. Murasaki also went with our Hawaiian koa spears, paddles, and weaponry.

So remember, tikis just aren't cool in Hawaii, tikis are cool all over the world! Domo Arigato from all of us at TikiMaster.com!

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