Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tiki Signs to Match your Tiki Bar!

If you read our last blog, then you know how hip tiki bars are, and now we have the perfect accessory, a tiki bar sign, to match your tiki bar or your tiki taste!

Here at, we have the largest selection of tiki signs on the web. The five tiki signs that we are showcasing today are just a handful of the array of signs that features. We have vintage signs, environmentally friendly tiki signs, sign with tiki masks, driftwood tiki signs, and much much more. The first tiki bar sign that features cocktails on either side is tastefully hand painted using the vintage painting approach. This tiki sign, and the tiki bar sign that features palm trees, would look great with any design or color of tiki bar. The driftwood tiki bar sign and the shark attack tiki bar sign would look best with a darker bamboo tiki bar. And obviously, the bamboo tiki bar sign would look best with a natural bamboo tiki sign. knows that you find the perfect tiki bar sign for your tiki bar, and don't forget, tiki bar signs make great gifts! ALOHA!

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