Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bamboo Everything at

Bamboo is an excellent way to add an organic vibe with pure elegance to any home. Bamboo can be used both inside and outside. Bamboo is not only beautiful, but it is also easy to maintain, and easy on the earth! Thankfully has everything to meet your bamboo needs!

According to the laws of Feng Shui, luck and prosperity will be an addition to your home when you use bamboo as a decorating element. When using bamboo inside your home, try adding it to already existing foliage and/or flowers, or go all out and create a unique arrangement with just bamboo. Using bamboo of different lengths in a large, ornate pot, with up lighting, can create a simple, yet sophisticated Eastern Asian piece of art decor. Another creative way to use bamboo indoors, is as a chair rail along your walls. Splice medium to large bamboo down the center and adhere horizontally to the lower half of your wall. This will create a very tropical feel to any room. If you need to separate a large room into smaller section, try using 3-4 foot tall bamboo fencing to section off the areas needed.

Bamboo also makes a design statement when used outdoors. If you need to create a barrier, either from a neighbor, pool, or perhaps a garden or children’s play area, try using bamboo as your medium of separation. Bamboo is easily attachable to already existing fences that need a face lift, or bamboo can be used on it’s own to create separation. Bamboo works much better than traditional plastic, metal or vinyl fencing because of it’s natural look and feel. You’ll notice how your landscaping pops around bamboo.

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