Friday, April 11, 2008

King Kamehameha Storyboards @ has more than just tikis and tiki masks, we have the largest selection of hand carved Hawaiian storyboards. Today, we are featuring the storyboard that dipicts King Kamehameha's crossing of the Molokai Channel. After taking Maui and Molokai, his war canoes crossed the channel and landed at Waialae and Waikiki, on O`ahu. As Kamehameha's warriors pushed up Nuuanu Valley, they were fired upon by two cannons causing great loss of life and destruction. Kamehameha sent a division of his best men to double back and climb the ridge above Pauoa Valley. A runner was sent to the reserve forces in Waikiki with instructions to climb Manoa Valley and follow the ridge trail to Nuuanu Pali where they would join the other division to capture the cannons. Stunned by this military manuever, the Oahu warriors defended their positions in vain and fought to the bitter end. Some escaped over the mountains, others were pushed over the pali and many, rather than surrender, plunged to their deaths from the 1000 ft. cliffs. The decisive battle of Nuuanu Pali gave Kamehameha control of the islands, except Kauai, that remained independent.

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