Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sea Life Carvings at CoastalDecoration.com!

Put your diving mask on and slip into your flipper fins, because CoastalDecoration.com, a partner of TikiMaster.com, has some of the coolest hand carved sea creatures ready for you to hook!

Check out this raging blue marlin. It is made out of acacia wood, which is very similar in grain and strength to Hawaiian koa wood. Acacia is also know for its strength and beautiful variations of the wood grain. This incredible piece of art would add to any man's lounge or bar area, or any room in your beach house. The base on this blue marlin is also made of acacia wood and stands firmly.

Maybe you're into deep sea life like this amazing jumbo octopi. This piece of art is also made of acacia wood, but instead has a drift wood base. Let this eight legged creature makes its new home in your cottage today! Go to CoastalDecoration.com for a full look at all of our sea creatures!

Don't see the fish of your tails?? CoastalDecoration.com also features mahi mahi, salmon, bass, red snapper, and hammer head sharks, that are all hand carved with great attention to detail and made from strong and beautiful acacia wood!

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