Monday, May 19, 2008

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Outdoor Tiki Torches: Outdoor tiki torches not only add to the ambiance of your tiki-themed tropical party, but they also aid in keep pesky bugs away from you and your guests! Outdoor tiki torches are easily assembled, arranged and are wireless to keep decorating simple and your guests safe. Why not make your next party look like Tribal Counsel from the show Survivor? stocks a wide selection of outdoor tiki torches that you can use for any event or for your everyday outdoor needs. You say you don’t have a yard for bamboo torches, not a problem! Choose our table top torches. Our table top version of the outdoor tiki torch is only 12 inches tall, so try placing two on each of your patio or deck tables.
Standing Outdoor Torches: If table top outdoor tiki torches just don’t offer enough tropical feel for you, try our full sized, freestanding outdoor torches. Our standing outdoor torches are easily placed in the ground or try filling a medium to large planting pot with dirt or sand and simply stick your outdoor tiki torch in there. You can even dress up the look by placing potted plants and flowers around the base of the torch. has three different colored torches that stand at two different has everything from barware to glassware to decorations and favors for your next tropical tiki party. We even carry palapa kits (freestanding tent-like structures made of bamboo and thatch) that can create more covered outdoor space at your next party. Check out our tiki living and aloha living sections on to view all of our tropical party items. Feel free to contact our customer service team if you need any help getting ready for your next party!

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You could also throw in some solar powered string lights