Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hand Carved Hawaiian Hula Bust 2008 By

I have been a collector of ceramic bust for many years and Ebay has been the place for me to find my one of a kind treasures. You are probably familiar with Marwal who has executed high quality and with great details ceramic bust from different countries: Hawaii, Japan, India, Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle Eastern and much more.
Well, after running into the Tikimaster himself...we got to discover his latest art piece! A reproduction of the Hawaiian Hula bust. The details were absolutely marvellous and stunning! Carving a Tiki is one thing but being able to carve a figure and capture the essence and expression is another! Tikimaster revealed that he took about 10 renditions before getting to the final carving.
But has been expanding his horizon with different product lines from: Tikis, surf decor, coastal decor, beach sign and nautical signs, Koa decor, pirate decor, Hawaii gift ideas, skull and bones decor.
For more information visit their official Web site for home decor or call them directly at 808-781-3126.

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